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Providing Everything You Need

Management Consulting

We provide contract services for state and federal governments.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We help you share your company's heart for the community by creating an outlet to give back.

Organizational Change Management

We help you manage your nonprofit's growth pathway or your next big project.

Branding & Communications

We offer branding and communications services for clients to help them effectively present their message to their target market.

Software Solutions
& Training

We assess, develop, implement, and manage software solutions to help clients operationalize vital programs.


Compatibility Review



Implementation and Rollout 



We work with your leadership team to obtain a better understanding of your goals, areas of interest, provide insights on what competitors are doing, and make sure giving areas of interests align with the company's mission.

We meet with your key team members to determine our fit to meet your organizational goals.

We work with organizations to help them determine the effectiveness of their giving programs to ensure that outcomes align with intent.

We develop a comprehensive plan that takes into consideration the scope and scale of the desire giving outcomes, along with cost, and put them into actionable items with associated timelines.

We collaborate with the communication and implementation teams to develop and your giving program.

•    Internal Company Giving Assessment
•    Market Analysis
•    Giving Solutions Design and Implementation
•    Brand Communications Integration
•    Impact Reporting

Charity Drive

Corporate Social Responsibility

Business Meeting

Management Consulting

•    Needs Assessment
•    Strategic Planning
•    Organizational Design and Management
•    Budget Design & Sustainability
•    Program Management
•    Grant Lifecycle Management
•    Assessment Methodologies 

•    Customized Training and Curriculum Design 

•    Executive Summary Reporting

•    Executive Board Coaching

Bar Chart

Organizational Change Management

•    Risk Assessment/Analysis
•    Program Analysis/Compliance
•    Capacity Management
•    Performance Resolution
•    Leadership Alignment
•    Business Process Design
•    Technical & Programmatic Consulting

•    Human Capital Management 


•    Target Market Research
•    Program/Project Communications
•    Brand
Assessment & Development 
•    Social Media Marketing & Management
•    Graphic and Print Media Development
•    Strategic Communications Plan
•    Press Kits / Media Package Development

Interviewing with microphone

Branding & Communications

Working in Front of Multiple Screens
Working in Front of Multiple Screens

Software Solutions
& Training

•    Organizational Efficiency Assessment
•    Systems and Reporting Analysis
•    Solutions Design & Implementation
•    Systems Management
•    Ongoing Training and Support
•    Instructional Design


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