Effective engagement with the African American population and other minority groups is particularly challenging for biopharma companies.  The social structure of minority groups creates unique challenges that limit willingness to participate in clinical trials and engage with drug companies.  Traditional efforts have focused on limited “tactical missions” such as increased clinical trial enrollment or introductory discount programs to encourage brand acceptance.  However, these often fail to meet company goals and can in fact have the counter effect of fostering suspicion of drug company practices.    A fully integrated approach that address patients AND their SUPPORT NETWORK (including family and community) is required for building and maintaining research, company, and ultimately brand loyalty.  

THE HILLS TANDEM GROUP is a reliable partner who understands the population and has established relationships to help gather insights and achieve goals at every stage of clinical and market development.   We specialize in collaborative patient and community centricity to  drive clinical trials results and brand engagement with the African American and other minority populations.  

Purpose and Involvement

  • Develop content appropriate media for target trial locations

  • Identify community based organizations and leaders capable of assisting in drug development

  • Plan and execute conferences, seminars, and meetings for educational and relational purposes

  • Conduct post-trial assessment in order to apply learnings to other or future trials

  • Develop meaningful strategic processes to meet community and clients needs



  • Assist in identifying strategic trial locations

  • Establish ongoing relationships with community based organizations and patient advocates

  • Identify barriers to clinical trial and subject recruitment. 

  • Build strong relationships between clients and community based organizations 

  • Establish trust, exude enthusiasm, and respect between clients and communities

Partner With US

The Hills Tandem is open for collaboration. We love startup to midsized biotech firms, however we welcome working with firms of all sizes.