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In 2014, The Hills Tandem began with the mission of improving

social and health outcomes of people in vulnerable populations. 


The Hills Tandem delivers patient-centric thought leadership and public health perspectives, while developing impactful programs, and strategies to cultivating Big Picture Themes. 


Nonprofits need help telling their stories and securing funding to serve more clients. Biotech teams require guided support that will help them understand the communities they wish to support.  


With careful strategic planning and partnership, we work in Tandem with you to meet your company's needs.

"Looking To The Hills..."

Jennifer Fields

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Jennifer is the Founder and President of The Hills Tandem and has over 17 years of experience working primarily with non-profit organizations as a change agent to improve overall organizational impact. She has worked in health and human services since 2001 and began working for her first nonprofit in 2004. Since then she has served in every role within an organization from direct service to executive leadership, working on both local and national projects. Jennifer is able to facilitate the work of community, clinical and research worlds, merging them together to build bridges. Her areas of expertise include strategic implementation inclusive of executive coaching, program design, patient engagement and nationwide advocacy. Jennifer is a graduate of East Carolina University’s Master of Public Health Program. 

Nakota Blue

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Nakota Blue is the Manager of Strategic Operations, NonProfits for The Hills Tandem. With a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership, it is his lifelong dream to build organizations that will both directly and indirectly affect the world in a positive way. Nakota serves as lead to develop nonprofit organizations by cultivating partnership, funding opportunities and strategic implementation of programs.  Nakota believes that growth and sustainability are important attributes in building the change we desire to see. He feels that is most effectively done through strategic planning for the common good, one organization at a time. Nakota is also a minister, worship leader, musician, and songwriter in the United Pentecostal Church International. He enjoys playing basketball and golf as well as reading books from the greatest minds of historical writing.

Melinda Fields 

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Melinda Fields is Manager of Strategic Programs at The Hills Tandem.  She graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Environmental Health Science and worked for more than 5 years in her career field exploring mosquito control including viral vectors as well and water treatment and systems testing.. She is interested in all areas of environmental and public health service. She has spent most of her career in local government agencies and private institutions with public outreach/education opportunities. Her professional experiences have allowed her to specialize in biological and entomological research, health and safety regulations, and wet organic/inorganic chemistries. She is currently pursuing higher education and serving as a volunteer firefighter. 

Freddi Kazo 

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Friedericke (Freddi) Kazo  is Manager of Pharma Development at The Hills Tandem. 

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