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"Looking To The Hills..."

We work with corporations, non-profits, and government entities to improve the social, economic and health outcomes of people in vulnerable populations. 

When our communities are healthy our society and our economy prosper. It is our mission to provide assistance to these organizations and help them make a sustainable change that strengthens the communities in which they serve.

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Jennifer Fields

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Jennifer, MPH,

Founder and President of The Hills Tandem and has over 18 years of experience working primarily with non-profit organizations as a change agent to improve overall organizational impact. She has worked in health and human services since 2001 and began working for her first nonprofit in 2004. Since then she has served in every role within an organization from direct service to executive leadership, working on both local and national projects. Jennifer is able to facilitate the work of community, clinical and research worlds, merging them together to build bridges. Her areas of expertise include strategic implementation inclusive of executive coaching, program design, patient engagement and nationwide advocacy. 


Nakota Blue

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Manager, Software & Systems Change


Melinda Fields 

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Melinda, MSEH

Manager, Strategic Programs 

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