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Together We Succeed To New Heights


After launching a national HRSA project, the SCDF was impressed with our work. The SCDF asked us to join their team to help catapult them to a new level. Ask us how we grew this organization from a $350K to a $2.8MM annually in just 3 years. Check SCDF out online.


We are Imara’s Advocacy experts. We developed an advocacy campaign from the ground up to show the heart of the company for the clients for which they seek to provide new therapies. As Imara’s lead team of experts in the rare disease arena, we cultivate the company’s partnership with the community while helping the communities serve patients who need it most. See our work developing Imara’s Real Impact Campaign.

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We've worked with Pfizer as a part of the Council for Change to impact care for those living with sickle cell disease across the nation. The Council For CHANGE (CFC) is a group of national leading experts and patients spanning academia, advocacy, and health care sectors who are passionate about driving forward advances in SCD care. See the White Paper developed from this collaborative effort here.


Micromattie consults with us for project management to help keep their teams on track to a successful finish. We’re never one and done, and always keep tabs with our clients.

At Electrical Safety Foundation International, we managed board meetings, developed high-level strategic plans, designed national educational programs, increased their community (online following) presence by over 2200%, garnered the largest federal awards for the organization and reach millions to teach them about electrical safety.


SCDAA recruited The Hills Tandem to lead the federally funded HRSA Newborn Screening project implementation on a national scale. Our work has left an indelible mark on the CBO community across the nation. We have continued to cultivate relationships and provide services with many of them to impact change within their own communities. 

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We consulted with WEPSCF to organize in partnership with MedImmune Inc, the Regional BioHealth conference for leading biotech science leaders. Our job specifically required us to bring to the table, foundations that would create viable partnerships with the industry in order to enhance patient access to research and new biotechnology.


Here, we designed a full scale state-of-the art tobacco cessation program. It was implemented throughout the Southern Nevada Region through partnerships with companies such as MGM Grand Hotel, NV Energy, The Mirage and more.


THT provides the St Louis Sickle Cell Association strategic planning, executive coaching and proposal development support for partnership requests to increase sustainability.

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THT provides program management support, proposal development, advisory management and executive coaching services for board and senior-level staff members; develops strategic teaming partnerships to support proposal development and grant submission.


We support Genentech by advising on the protocol development for a new clinical trial, providing a patient perspective. This review included all study-related events and assessments, including subject screening and enrollment, safety assessments, efficacy evaluations, pharmacokinetics sampling. In preparation for the orientation with the principal investigator, we provided a real story from the target patient community to kick off the study.


THT partnered with Sickle Cell Disease Foundation (SCDF) and Center for Inherited Blood Disorders (CIBD) to create the Networking California for Sickle Cell Care Initiative (NCSCC) in 2019 under AB-1105.  Led by Assembly member Mike Gipson, this legislative initiative, supports the development of a statewide clinical and community network of care for adults with SCD, to expand the clinical and community health worker (CHW) workforce, enhance SCD surveillance, and strengthen outreach and awareness. This initiative is a 3-year $15 million dollar initiative and is the first-ever legislation that has been achieved solely to improve access to sickle cell in the US. THT serves as the implementation strategy partner on this project.


THT serves as a community consultant lead on The Pacific Sickle Cell Regional Collaborative (PSCRC). The PSCRC is a federally funded (HRSA) project that strives to change the environment of care for adults and children with sickle cell disease by building regional healthcare delivery capacity for individuals with sickle cell disease throughout 13 states in the Pacific Region.

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