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Pfizer - Council For Change

We've work with Pfizer as a part of the Council for Change to impact care for those living with sickle cell disease across the nation. The Council For CHANGE (CFC) is a group of national leading experts and patients spanning academia, advocacy, and health care sectors who are passionate about driving forward advances in SCD care. Find out who we are here: Pfizer Council for Change


Micromattie Consulting

Micromattie consults with us for project management to help keep their teams on track to a successful finish. We’re never one and done, and always keep tabs with our clients.


Electrical Safety Foundation International

At ESFI, we managed board meetings, developed high-level strategic plans, designed national educational programs, increase their community only presence by over 2200%, 
garnered the largest federal awards for the organization and reach millions to teach them about electrical safety.


Sickle Cell Disease Association of America

SCDAA asked us to lead the HRSA Newborn Screening project implementation on a national scale.


William E. Proudford Sickle Cell Fund

We consulted with WEPSCF to organize in partnership with MedImmune Inc, the Regional BioHealth conference for leading biotech science leaders. Our job specifically required us to bring to the table, foundations that would create viable partnerships with the industry in order to enhance patient access to research and new biotechnology.


Nevada Cancer Institute

Here, we designed a full scale state-of-the art tobacco cessation program. It was implemented throughout the Southern Nevada Region through partnerships with companies
such as MGM Grand Hotel, NV Energy and The Mirage and more.

Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California

After launching a national HRSA project, the SCDFC was impressed with our work. The SCDFC asked us to join their team to help transition them to a new level. Check SCDFC out online to see our success at www.scdfc.org.

Our Reviews

Word on the Street...

"I started working with Jennifer several years ago. She was Project Director for a National program in which we had a subaward. I was impressed with her professionalism, content experience and knowledge upon our first encounter. After working with her for several months I became more impressed with her skill set and all she brought to the project. Jennifer is now on her own and I have hired her to do consulting with our organization. She continues to impress me with her subject matter knowledge, ability to multi-task, deliver and report. Additionally, she is an exceptional writer. Although we are on different sides of the country I feel she is always close by. I am sure we have all been burned by a consulting firm that convinces you they can deliver but doesn’t. The Hills, delivers and creates new paths for growth. It has been a pleasure working with Jennifer and I encourage you to contact her if you are in need of a great consultant."

Mary Brown, President & CEO Sickle Cell Disease Foundation

"Jennifer is highly skilled at creating and leading large scale national organizational initiatives. She is a strategic leader and excels at developing effective programs that achieve measurable results. With her strong communication and organizational skills, Jennifer is highly effective in leading teams with various missions and she is adept at strategically aligning groups towards a shared goal and vision. She is highly personable and a pleasure to work with in any capacity."

Joni Henderson, Former VP of Development at Discovery Education

"Jennifer demonstrated a high degree of dedication, professionalism and commitment to the CDC tobacco cessation project. Reports from program participants throughout the valley noted her amazing personality to boot!

Maria Azzarelli, Program Director, Southern Nevada Health District