Raleigh, NC, USA

©2019 by The Hills Tandem, LLC.

What Makes Us Different

The Hills Tandem prides itself on building relationships that place the heart of the people we serve, front and center. The relationships we develop are lasting and impactful to both teams within this endeavor.

Our thought process provides a progressive approach to all the work we do. We understand that a solid foundation for your organization is key and should always remain intact, however the development above ground can be modern, innovative and inclusive for all those we serve. 

We provide an advantage in diversity and inclusiveness point of views. We also possess a strong understanding of the times with our youthful yet experienced position.

Areas Of Prime Expertise:

  • Health Care

  • Human Services

  • Pharmaceutical Community Liaison

  • For Profit Charitable Giving Solutions 

  • Education and Awareness

  • Nonprofit

  • Consulting 2 Consulting

  • Patient Engagement​

  • Client Engagement


Creative Solutions

Multiple specialty areas in the realm of non-profit capacity building, including but not limited to:

  • Resource development

  • Evaluation

  • Outcomes measurement

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Interpretation and communication of data findings and implications

  • Community engagement and partnership development/collaboration 

  • Logic models/theories of action 

  • Knowledge dissemination; strategic planning

  • Statistical analysis

       Additional Services:

  • Co-Engaged Planning 

  • Group Facilitation

  • Strategy Development

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Fund Development Planning for Financial Sustainability

  • Design and Facilitation of Meetings, Trainings, and Retreats 

  • Tailored Training for Board and Staff  

  • Developing Programs

  • Developing Outcomes-Based Evaluation Plans for Programs and/or the Organization

  • Developing Fundraising Strategies and Tools, Including Case Statement and Donor/Prospect Lists

  • Grant writing (private/federal)

  • Grant project management

  • Proposal Development

  • Development of quality improvement feedback systems.