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We Are The Hills Tandem

Many clients lack the systems, tools, and processes needed to facilitate effective communication, engagement, and impact with minority, disadvantaged and underserved populations. The Hills Tandem is the solution to that problem. After a decade of leading organizations to success with strategic programs, in 2014, Jennifer founded The Hills Tandem. The original purpose of THT was to cultivate nonprofit organizations into making a more significant impact on the communities they serve.


Since 2014, THT has quickly expanded its capabilities to work with governments, corporations, and biopharma entities to improve vulnerable populations' social, economic, and health outcomes. 
The Hills Tandem's exponential growth is a direct result of the quality of work produced and the strength of relationships developed with clients. We go far beyond merely listening. We integrate our team into yours. THT engages with communities and their support networks. We integrate across social boundaries to enhance the experience for the stakeholders and bring measurable value to the client. Our goal is to link client objectives via Patient and Community Centric Programs to provide value to families and communities bolstered by a return on investment to our clients. 


The Hills Tandem honors faith-based values in all our business and currently gives back to the community through charitable giving. One of THT's primary goals includes developing and implementing Project Tandem, a project that will directly impact homeless and disadvantaged populations across the nation.

"When our communities are healthy, our society and our economy prosper. Our mission is to assist organizations, helping them make a sustainable change that strengthens the communities they serve."

-Jennifer Fields MPH



Jennifer Fields, MPH

Founder & President

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Jennifer is the founder and president of THT and has two decades of experience creating high-level strategies in partnership with non-profit, biopharma, and human service agencies as a change agent to improve overall organizational impact. She develops projects on a small scale and large scale both at small community, statewide, and national and global levels. Jennifer’s uncanny ability to wear many hats within her work to present multi-pronged perspectives on behalf of many different stakeholders enables her to develop high-level and trusted long-term relationships with clients. Her areas of expertise include strategic implementation included but not limited to executive coaching, program design, patient engagement, and advocacy.  She is a graduate of East Carolina University’s Master of Public Health Program with a certification of Health Analysis and Management. Jennifer also supplemented her education through the MBA program at Florida International University.



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Friedericke Kazo, DrPH

Clinical Trial Consultant

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Amanda Fields BSN, RN

Technical Writer

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Steve Horton

Partner at

SMH Consulting Inc.

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